The Attention Economy


The Attention Economy


What we Do

Eye tracking technology helps us understand what people actually look at…not what they say they look at. 

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Digital Panel

Want to find out if your online advertising is actually getting seen?

Now you can, with the world's first precision eye tracking panel.


Digital Panel

Want to find out if your online advertising is actually getting seen?

Now you can, with the world's first precision eye tracking panel.


Other Services

Weekly Omnibus

include your creative in our weekly omnibus, which tests print, TV and digital advertising, as well as direct and email communications. Get insight into how many people notice your communications, which elements generate the most engagement (and which are ignored), and how your comms compare to the market and your competitors. Tests run every Friday, with results the following Tuesday.

£750 per insertion; copy deadline 12 noon each Thursday. Contact hello@lumen-research.com

Eye tracking heat map

Mobile & Tablet

We help publishers and advertisers understand how users engage with content and advertising across mobile and tablets, and benchmark attention results vs print and desktop norms to help brands and publishers understand the relative value of these platforms. 


Eye tracking gaze plot

Direct messaging

Optimising DM and CRM materials, emails and mailers has been at the core of Lumen’s offer since we started. 

We identify key visual elements, messaging hierarchies, and optimal content mixes to drive open rates, engagement levels – and conversion numbers.


Out of home eye tracking

Out of Home

Understanding the attentional impact of out-of-home advertising in situ has traditionally been hard to achieve. Using innovative virtual reality environments built by our partners at Buzz3D we can provide a low cost way of testing OOH creative at speed.

Print advertising eye tracking


Since Lumen opened its doors in late 2013 we’ve conducted more than 100 print advertising studies. That means we have eye-tracking data on more than 7000 respondents having the opportunity to see more than 2000 ads from national newspapers including The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Times and The Metro.

In-store eye tracking


Our research hasn’t been limited to paper and screens. Using portable eye-tracking technology, our in-store research has allowed us to examine shelf-search techniques and the effectiveness of POS materials. By combining the eye-tracking data with qualitative interviews we have been able to discover what really makes a difference to peoples’ in-store shopping experience. 


Understanding the visual and emotional impact of packaging at the point of purchase and at home is vital in the creation of effective packaging design. 

We test packaging designs at scale and at speed, using 3D virtual environments (developed in partnership with our friends at Buzz3D, allowing us to change locations, formats and design elements easily and without cost. 


Meet the team

Meet the team


Mike follett

Managing Director

Mike founded Lumen in 2013, after a career in advertising, working in London, New York and Mumbai. He has won numerous advertising awards and was named as a 'Face to Watch' by Campaign Magazine. He holds degrees from the University of Oxford and Imperial College, London. Find out more

Matt Robinson

Director of Operations

Matt’s specialisms are in psychology, economics, finance and project management. Matt manages Lumen’s grant-funded research projects, having previously worked at the highest levels of Government at HM Treasury where he directly advised the Chancellor and other ministers on...Find out more

David Bassett

Director of Analytics

David began his career alongside Mike in BMP DDB’s strategic planning department, specialising in the application of econometric techniques to improve marketing effectiveness. After 5 years at DDB, he completed a research masters in philosophy and economics at...Find out more

Navid Hajimirza

Research & Development Director

Dr Navid Hajimirza obtained his PhD in computer vision from the Department of Electronics Engineering and Computer Scienceat Queen Mary University of London and his MSc. in Mechatronics from King's College. He has been involved in numerous European...Find out more


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Where to find us

Where to find us

Our London office: Unit 320, ScreenWorks,

            22 Highbury Grove, 

      London, N5 2EF

Telephone: 020 3735 5199



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