This week Apple launched their new iPhone X, but how well does its advertising perform against Samsung’s Galaxy S8?

iPhone X Eye tracking

Both ads performed well, beating format norms for % viewed and the iPhone showing higher than average dwell time (s). Samsung’s ad was better at grabbing attention compared to norm, but Apple kept people engaged for 1s longer than expected, compared to Samsung ad that performed at norm level for engagement.

Eye tracking data
iPhone X Eye tracking results

Apple has showcased how powerful simple advertising can be: a combination of product name, short headline and product image has boosted dwell time. High contrast colour effectively draws the eye to the main focus, the new iPhone X: over half of people notice it for 1.1”. In contrast, Samsung’s relatively cluttered ad has led to less engagement –the product is only glanced at for 0.2”, whilst much of the text goes unread.

 Apple highlight how less can be more: keeping it simple with a clear, short headline and product image can really boost attention to advertising.

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