We were speaking in both the ARF in New York and the MRS in London this week, talking through how we have been helping British Gas ‘buy attention’.

The complexities of ad tech mean that British Gas were finding it hard to distinguish the signal from the noise in their digital marketing. Often, they would find that just because an ad was technically viewable did not mean that it was any more likely to convert to a sale. British Gas asked us to use our attention models to identify which ads were most likely to be viewed – not just viewable – and see if this predicted sales better.

And it does.

The ads that we predict were most likely to be viewed are also the ads that are most likely to convert to sales.

We’re now working with British Gas and Mediacom to use this data to identify the sites and formats that drive attention most cost effectively – an ‘attention CPM’ - to make sure that they get more bang for their buck.

And thanks so much to Patrick Smith of British Gas for getting up on stage with us to tell the story.