We recently attended IPA's effectiveness event : 'Measuring the unmeasurable' which hosted insightful speakers that emphasised the importance of measuring the success and effectiveness of advertising and attention.

Our very Own Mike Follett gave an eye-opening talk about our findings as a world-first attention technology company that specialises in eye tracking for both print and digital advertising; highlighting the real value eye-tracking and attention-tracking insights have in assesing the effectiveness of advertising.



Our data from our eye tracking panel proves how brilliant people are at ignoring advertising and how limited attention is; Whereby only 1 out of 5 of digital advertisements get looked at and only 16% of those are viewed for over a second.

Our insights prove that attention plays the most important role in achieving online conversions and offline sales due to the fact that people don’t care as much for brands as we would assume. Explaining that our focus should be towards making the advertising memorable, as the advertisements that get looked at for the longest lead to the highest conversions. An ad’s success shouldn’t be measured by the last click, but by the most attention.


We believe that the data that can be put into our models is more granular than ever before and can very much measure the unmeasurable.


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