We were at the Newsworks Effectiveness Summit this week, partnering with Unruly to talk about works when it comes to buying advertising, and then explaining how British Gas are using our data to help identify bargains in the market.

One of our big learnings is that ads on newsbrands seem like a bargain. The same ad, shown to the same sort of audience, is far more likely to get noticed on a newsbrand site than on other premium publisher sites.

NEwsworks 1.jpg

But why is this? In part it is down to the ‘velocity of attention’. People in the study we conducted for Newsworks consumed newsbrand sites slowly, engaging deeply with the article, and the surrounding advertising. In comparison, users they were more likely to skim read the more image-heavy comparison sites, quickly passing over the content – and the accompanying ads. You can download the findings – and see the talk - from the Newsworks website.

Newsworks 2.jpg

Attention matters because attention leads to sales. Patrick Smith of British Gas joined us on stage to talk through the link between attention and sales – and how newsbrands deliver an unfair share of attention and sales. Here’s the link to the data.