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Lumen In The Press:
Ad Attention Increases During Key Shopping Times - Newsworks

Eye-tracking specialists Lumen tested a wide range of print and online newsbrand ads in December 2016, to see which were noticed, what most interested people and how long they spent looking at the ads.

It found that people spend longer reading their newspapers around Christmas – and that includes the ads. Total viewing time for print and digital newsbrand ads increased by 36% in December – that’s over 100,000 hours more than pre-December...

Halitosis - Hard Not To Notice

The first eye tracking omnibus of 2017 revealed The Bad Breath Co. as the winners!

80 nationally representative participants read a digitised copy of The Metro while their eye movements were recorded, to reveal which ad gained the most attention.

Creative Ad Testing

The Bad Breath Co. get straight to the point with their statement headline and large product image, instantly telling the audience what they are offering. Print ads only have a short time-frame to engage and relay a message, so this is an important tactic!

Eye tracking metrics

The ad had 14% higher standout and 0.6" longer of engagement compared to the expected norm

bad breath feature.png

The product image engaged over half the readers for an average of 1.5". However, this image also includes product and brand info, which is why we may see these long dwell times.

Although this ad has a striking headline and product image it isn't all squeaky clean! The extra copy, under the logo, uses very small and difficult to read font that readers are likely to ignore.

Creative ad testing


The Science-y Bit

Layout is a key factor of performance. Psychological studies have revealed that stimuli presented in the left visual field is processed by the right hemisphere and vice versa.


Since our right hemisphere is better suited to processing pictorial info and the left hemisphere to logical/verbal info, by placing images on the left and text on the right of ads (like The Bad Breath Co.) processing fluency should increase, allowing readers to digest the ad quicker. (Grobelny & Michalski, 2015).

Who Won the Internet?

This week's winner is... Three!

Since January 2016, we've been running the world's first eye tracking panel. We've recruited 300 households up and down the country, and equipped each of them with a laptop-mounted eye tracking camera.

We can use the panel to test ads against one another to see which gets the most attention. This week, we compared two MPU's for Three and Vodafone.

61% of respondents viewed the Three ad for an average of 0.8 seconds. 

On average, MPUs tend to be viewed for 0.8 seconds. Although Vodafone's engagement was marginally higher than Three's, with 61% of readers looking at the ad, Three take the win.

How Jackson Beat It!

Three’s muppet-style character (who’s actual name is Jackson) is working hard to engage readers.

We often find that ads that feature images of people or humanoid characters capture attention more effectively than those that simply feature an image of a sim card.

It appears Jackson really is delivering in his role of making ‘stuff better’.