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Who Won the Internet?

This week's winner is... Three!

Since January 2016, we've been running the world's first eye tracking panel. We've recruited 300 households up and down the country, and equipped each of them with a laptop-mounted eye tracking camera.

We can use the panel to test ads against one another to see which gets the most attention. This week, we compared two MPU's for Three and Vodafone.

61% of respondents viewed the Three ad for an average of 0.8 seconds. 

On average, MPUs tend to be viewed for 0.8 seconds. Although Vodafone's engagement was marginally higher than Three's, with 61% of readers looking at the ad, Three take the win.

How Jackson Beat It!

Three’s muppet-style character (who’s actual name is Jackson) is working hard to engage readers.

We often find that ads that feature images of people or humanoid characters capture attention more effectively than those that simply feature an image of a sim card.

It appears Jackson really is delivering in his role of making ‘stuff better’.